Parking Gozo

Parking on Gozo

Parking your car right is very important when you visit Gozo. Everyone who comes to see the beauty of Gozo, also has the duty to keep it beautiful. How? By parking your rental car in the right place, you don't block the way for others. It also keeps the streets and all the lovely spots neat and tidy.

Benefits of proper parking? Let's start with easy access. Imagine going to your favorite restaurant without worrying about where to leave your car. That's the happiness easy parking can bring!

Next is convenience. It's so simple. Wherever you go, from the stunning coastlines to the charming villages, finding a good parking spot lets you enjoy these places more. No worries about your car while you soak in the beauty of Gozo.

So remember, part of really enjoying Gozo is also making sure your rental car is parked right! It helps keep Gozo beautiful and lets you enjoy your trip with no stress.

Common Parking Spots in Major Gozo Towns/Cities

Let's talk about where to park your rental car in different towns and cities in Gozo

Parking in Victoria

In Victoria, the busiest town in Gozo, you will find a big parking area near the bus station. It's in the middle of the town, so you can easily visit the shops, restaurants, and the famous Citadel.

Parking in Xlendi

At the seaside town of Xlendi, parking spots are along the bay. Leave your car here, and, just a few steps away, you can enjoy the lovely beach and tasty food in the local cafes.

Parking in Marsalforn

In Marsalforn, another beach town, there are parking spaces near the seafront. After parking your car, it's simple to find a nice spot on the beach or visit the many shops around.

Parking in Nadur

Lastly, in the town of Nadur, you can easily park at the large square right in the center. It's perfect for exploring the brilliant bakeries and vibrant church that Nadur is known for.

Remember, park your car in these spots and enjoy your trips around the lovely places of Gozo!

Tips for Parking in Gozo

Parking in Gozo is simple. But there are some tips that can make it even easier for you.

Firstly, it's all about reading the parking signs. These signs tell you where you can park your car. Most signs will be in English, so they are easy to read. A good rule to remember is, if there's no sign, it usually means you can park for free!

Best time for parking? Early morning or late afternoon. During these times, there are usually more empty spaces. So you can enjoy your day in Gozo without spending lots of time looking for a place to park.

And what about busy spots? Sometimes, places like Victoria can be very full. But don't worry. Just a short walk from the center you can usually find a spot.

Remember these tips when you park your car. They'll make your trip in Gozo much simpler and more fun!


So, that's our guide to parking in Gozo. It's easy once you know how. Remember to park your rental car right. It's a very important part of keeping Gozo beautiful. Make sure to use the parking spots we talked about in the big towns like Victoria, Xlendi, Marsalforn, and Nadur. And always use our tips to make parking even easier.

Visiting Gozo is always fun, with its beautiful sights from beaches to villages. And with proper parking, it becomes even better. So, enjoy exploring Gozo in your rental car and happy parking!